Tuesday, January 10, 2012

It's Tuesday, but What's on my Desk Wednesday

I am very busy on Wednesday, so you got me on Tuesday. This little bear was an experiment that I just LOVE so much. I used Copics as a base, then colored him with colored pencils, then used Copics to blend him. Well I found out that this will ruin your Copics, so don't us Copics to blend, but you can use Alcohol on a stump or Q-tip. You can also us Gamsol.
    All it did was soften the colors so they blended in well.
 I liked using the Copic's under the pencils because there was no white showing through.  I am so happy about how he turned out. I wanted to cuddle him. He looks life like.
 I make real teddy bears from my own designs and patterns, so Teddies have such a special place in my heart.
 This teddy bear was on ebay for 10.00 and it had "make an offer" on it. I offered 5 and thought he would come back with a counter offer, but he didn't. He took my 5 and I am so happy to own him. He is a piece of art all by himself as a stamp. He is a very large PSX stamp.  I should give him a name. What do you think?
 I am also posting photo's of some of my hand made teddies.

Happy Copic/Colored Pencil Tuesday, oops Wednesday. Oh well, so it is  really Tuesday, but we can pretend. :)


  1. I love and collect Teddy Bears too. Since the ribbon on your card looks like the bear is wearing a bow I think she's a girl and I believe her name may be Regina. I think that's what she was trying to tell me!

    Great card, and wonderful bears you made!

  2. how adorable! I mean, the card! ok, those 2 teddy bears you made are adorable too :-)