Sunday, January 15, 2012

House Mouse Group exchange and RAK

We have alot of MOUSIE fun in the House Mouse group. This week we had to exchange a card that was created like cards would be, about 10 years ago. That meant not using alot of things that we have today like the Cuttlebug, stress inks and more.
 This presented a challenge for me a bit, as my images were all colored ahead, and using some bits of Copic Markers.  So like the innocent sneaky mousie that I am, I snuck that in. hehe...........
  The members of this group are all so special to me. I want to begin sending some RAKS, so I started with Naughty Mouse, Mary Anne.  She got the above collage card that has so many items in it, that represent her, and her life. I loved doing it.

Join us at the new House Mouse Facebook Group for card making.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

It's Tuesday, but What's on my Desk Wednesday

I am very busy on Wednesday, so you got me on Tuesday. This little bear was an experiment that I just LOVE so much. I used Copics as a base, then colored him with colored pencils, then used Copics to blend him. Well I found out that this will ruin your Copics, so don't us Copics to blend, but you can use Alcohol on a stump or Q-tip. You can also us Gamsol.
    All it did was soften the colors so they blended in well.
 I liked using the Copic's under the pencils because there was no white showing through.  I am so happy about how he turned out. I wanted to cuddle him. He looks life like.
 I make real teddy bears from my own designs and patterns, so Teddies have such a special place in my heart.
 This teddy bear was on ebay for 10.00 and it had "make an offer" on it. I offered 5 and thought he would come back with a counter offer, but he didn't. He took my 5 and I am so happy to own him. He is a piece of art all by himself as a stamp. He is a very large PSX stamp.  I should give him a name. What do you think?
 I am also posting photo's of some of my hand made teddies.

Happy Copic/Colored Pencil Tuesday, oops Wednesday. Oh well, so it is  really Tuesday, but we can pretend. :)