Friday, October 28, 2011

Fall is in the air and Rubber stamping in my blood

About 13 years ago, I began rubber stamping. I can't even remember how that got started, but I know it ballooned fast. Soon I was working for many stamp companies doing demo cards in exchange for stamps. This is how I supported my "habit" lol.  It was all so much fun. I created my way through years of cards, exchanges, conventions and friends.

Then I began designing images that I sold to other companies to create into stamps. That got so intense that I was designing more images then I could sell, so I then went into my own business. The Rubber Attic was formed and Joan Wear joined me in that venture. A couple years of learning the in's and out's or operating a press, making magnesium dies, impression boards and rubber. Mounting stamps and trimming etc. Creating a catalog, a website and marketing. I have to say it had it's purpose but it eventually took all the joy out of stamping for me.

I stopped stamping to join the force of doll sculpting. On this web page is a link to my dolls and other doll related things that I got involved with.

I went on that train for quite a few years also. During that time, I sold or gave away almost all my stamps and much of my equipment.  Wow, I wish I hadn't done that!! I didn't dream that I would come back to it one day, but I have.

 It is a whole new world now to me. I am learning and catching up on all that I have missed in the years that I was not doing this hobby.  So today I opened this blog so I can share my creations with you all.  Love, Terry Quinn /

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