Thursday, December 29, 2011

What's On My Desk Wednesday

Ok, so it is Thursday, but I just joined the "What's On My Desk Wednesday" group and I love the idea. So I will show you what I did on Tuesday, hehe.....
I am drawing again. So excited to see where I end up this time. I am not going to go back into the rubber business as I was with the Rubber Attic. I don't like pressing rubber and making stamps.
However I am considering having someone else make rubber for me. Others have suggested that I sell them as Digi stamps. I don't have a forum for selling those, but I could sell the UM's on Ebay.  I welcome all suggestions here. Do Digi stamps sell well?  Do tell me how you all feel. Thanks.
 Introducing "Moonlit Deer". It is a bit hard to see the art with my water mark, but just put your imagination to work, lol.

Oh yes, My Desk, lol. Next time I will take photo when I actually am working on it.   Thanks, Terry

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  1. That is a really cool image.Have you considered buying one of those machines for making your own photopolymer stamps? Less trouble than rubber, and they would sell easily on e-bay. Digi stamps seem quite a big thing, people either seem to love them or hate them, I think.Hope you had a good Christmas, and have a Happy New Year, Shaz

  2. Gosh you keep your desk very tidy! BUT the phone is missing!!! I don't do much digi stamping, am still committed to rubber. Digits arevery'cheap, you'd have to have a big choice or sell loads remake much, I'd have thought. Ow about licensing instead of being actively involved in the making?

  3. Shaz, I once operated the photopolymer thing and hated the messy process. I just want to draw and sell, lol
    Julia, I can't stand clutter. I know that stops some of the fun, lol I know a company that will make my rubber for me and I can make a profit selling individual stamps. I am leaning that way. It is expensive to start out though as I have to purchase the magnesium plate first and that is almost 100.00 for one sheet of stamps. I guess I will just draw away and see what happens.
    Thank you both for your compliments and input.
    Happy NewYear! Terry

  4. I love this image, I buy lots of stamps, I have bought a few digi stamps and they are stll on my conputer, as I can't seem to get them the size of a stamp image if that makes sense ?However I think the idea behind Digi stamps is fantastic but not everyone out there can get
    along with them, I would buy your image as I think it's fab. Happy 2012 Hugs May x x x x

  5. While you are deciding what to do along the stamping line, just enjoy your drawing. Have a lovely New Year. Maggie #49