Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Peaceful Thoughts

I chose her  because she reminds me, of myself, and my love for birds.
This is a Magnetic Message that is reinforced with chipboard and will be a large art magnet for your fridge.
I am applying to be on their design team. I would love to do this because her images just warm my heart with all their beautiful outfits and long gorgeous hair. Each one tells a story. 
It will be pure joy to be able to color many of them. :)
I have been stamping for 25 years and started out creating art boards for art stamp companies to pay for my passion.
I worked for many companies including Azadi's, Sonlight, House mouse and more.
Then I stopped for a few years to sculpt dolls and raise my teens.
That was quite a project with nine teens at one time. We have four by birth and five adopted. :)
I got back into stamping a few years ago and discovered digi stamps and I am sold! They don't take up space and are just as much fun to work with.  I mostly design for companies now, to again, pay for my passion.  But it is such joy for me to color. 
Also when I am designing a card for a company, I am greatly motivated to get things done on time and do my very best for the company. 
I probably spent 3 to 4 hours coloring this little girl. I lose track of time and it is my goal always to create something that is really nicely colored with all the details. I practically feel high when I have created a beautiful colored masterpiece.  
 I share my work on many facebook groups and I have a facebook page dedicated to my art.

Peaceful Thoughts totally reminds me of myself. I love birds and have a Crimson conure and many pigeons now, but over the ten years I used to breed green cheek conures. I passed that hobby onto a friend and I am enjoying our spoiled Bobo Crimson Conure. 

Peaceful thoughts was based with alcohol markers and then colored with colored pencils. Her background is chalks. 

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  1. such a darling design and project
    Good Luck

  2. She is so beautiful. Your work is always awesome. Blessings on making the design team.