Saturday, October 17, 2015

My life sized hand sculpted babies ABC dolls Co

Over ten years ago, I created life sized hand sculpted infants in polymer clay. They are called One of a Kind's as unless they were made into vinyl or silicone, they were a unique baby that only one was made of.
 I did have four created in silicone and one created in vinyl.  I enjoyed this hobby for a season but paper crafts came back to me and soon took back over. 
 I don't own any of my own OOAK'S, but I do have some of my silicones and  copy of my vinyl, Trista. 
  This is Trista. This is her sculpted version. I don't have her made up yet in vinyl. I just have her parts.  

Here are some photo's of other babies that I don't remember their names of. But they were all sold as OOAK'S.

All of these babies are life sized newborns or preemies. 


  1. My jaw I'm sure was on the floor as I scrolled through your post! A-MAZING creations with clay - I can't even fathom how much skill and technique this must take! But then, that's the mystery of God and the talents He gives. :)

  2. Thanks Julia and Kris. I did this for years. It was my passion. I had them remade in vinyl and silicone dolls also.
    Raising my teenagers was a really busy time as some had special needs and I really needed to be on top of things, so I backed off from sculpting and took back up paper art which is faster and just as much fun.
    One day though, I might sculpt again. It was fun to create little people. Hugs, Terry