Thursday, August 13, 2015

Love Frogs

I would love to title it. It is such a cute image. Love Frogs. :)
It was a blast to color up. 
I used watercolor mediums and colored pencils, gel pens and chalks. 

This is also going to be included in a new line that I am starting up, titled "Magnetic Messages".

These cards are not really cards. Each is very heavy and solid because I have used chip board in each one of them. 

They can be a magnet, hanging art or easel art. Buyer's choice. I can also type a message from the sender and affix to the back.

 I can send these directly from my house to whom ever you want to send them to, or I can send to you and you can mail out. However these are very heavy cards and will ship in bubble wrap envelopes at package rate shipping prices.
 They will range in prices from 10.00 to 20.00 depending on the amount of work and material I put into one.  Plus shipping. 

 I am excited about this new line as these are not simple cards that someone will want  to store away or maybe even toss, lol. These are art pieces that can be displayed permanent on your fridge, dresser, wall or Christmas tree.

  Each section of each card is reinforced with the chip board and won't bend. I use a special glue so that they are affixed permanently and will not warp. 

 Each piece will have a message on the front and room on the back for a personal message to your receiver. 

  They will be shipped with protection so that they will not be harmed as many of them will have lots of decorative pieces on the front of them. 

 Agape Creations presents Magnetic Messages. Watch for them. They will soon be forsale. I am especially excited about creating a Christmas line of ornament messages.

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