Sunday, July 5, 2015

Original art pieces

Well I haven't gotten much done in stamping lately, so I thought I would share some very old works of mine from about 25 years ago when I first was a learning artist. 

Water coloring was my second favorite medium next to colored pencils, but I also like to mix the two. This piece is all water colored though. 

This piece was based in water color and then the fish was colored in colored pencils. I adore working with colored pencils.

Probably my least favorite to work with, but I gave it a try.... Oils. 

Next to oils is acrylics, which if I am working on wood, is the best medium to work with, because you can use it in layers like water colors, but it is opaque and it dries fast. 

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  1. Your art is beautiful! I hope you are feeeling better soon. I found your blog (and joined it!) via the PPC facebook group. Would love it if you could come & join me, too!

    1. Thanks Kate, I got your site this morning and your work is awesome!

  2. .I'm here...and what fantastic pieces of art Terry..gorgeous..I'm just starting out on mixed media...not sure where I'm going with it..but I do have fun and make lots of mess..

    luv CHRISSYxx