Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Blast from the Past!!

A blast from the past!!!  I was looking for something that my son wanted this week. I came across a whole bunch of my past work from over five years ago. It was so much fun to go through it all.
 I took photo's of some of them to share. They are in my albums:

Click on these links or copy and paste into a browser. Then each picture needs two clicks to make it full sized.
 I used alot of chalk work back in those days and I really love the look. I am using alcohol pens now, but I will have to do some of this chalk work again as it is beautiful.
 I also colored on my stamps with my Tombows, but most of those are dried up now. :(  Maybe I will have to look for a few basic colors to do this again. It really inspired me to find these.
I just LOVE stamping!!!!

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  1. These are great. Really love the scene.

  2. Wow, you were great (still are) I especially love the scenery cards. That is a technique that I'm wanting to learn.

  3. Thanks Girls. Scenery isn't hard, just alot of masking. Then you just color. :)